Killi the bitch and Sam the dog are learning to detect cancer from samples

One day two young people showed up at our dog training centre, enthusiastically talking about how in the future our dogs could be able to diagnose cancer earlier and more accurately than the most state-of-the-art instruments. Their enthusiasm got the dog trainers who heard them interested in this research. And me, too.

I didn’t wait long before I started to work with my bitch and use training to strengthen the skills she was not yet using. When our training potential grew over time and the opportunity arose to bring in another dog, I took our other pet along.

It is great fun for both dogs, livening up their training and their day-to-day routine. We spend a lot more time together, get to know one another, learn to cooperate and overcome times when we don’t succeed. We have reached out first tests, which have not been very successful so far, but I hope that our results will soon improve to enable us to really start to help.

Lenka Richterová, Killi the bitch and Sam the dog

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