Argas trains obedience with his handler Iva Jašíčková

My name is Iva Jašíčková. My doggie companion is a Bohemian shepherd called Argas Gery-Jane. We have been doing sports cynology since he was young, although when he was six years old we had to stop. I was looking for some other substitute activity for my dog, and we were impressed with obedience.

In summer 2016 our cynology training ground was visited by two researchers – Mgr. Petra Matulová and Mgr. Spiros Tavandzis. They offered us an interesting opportunity for cooperation. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to go for it, as Argas loves to work. I personally was taken with the idea as it’s a beneficial project – the early diagnosis of diseases in a non-invasive form.

In September 2016 I and some other people interested in the idea had our first information meeting with Mrs Matulová and Mr Tavandzis. Everything went pretty quickly after that. We set up an association, compared experience with other dog handlers and considered forms of training.

Although our original group changed during the months that followed, we and other keen dog handlers got a good team going, all striving to achieve a successful goal.

Iva Jašíčková and Argas the dog

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